Quaran-Tour to Africa

Yes, we’re all still at home – although some of my clients are beginning to travel. Many, though, are booking for 2021 and 2022. Once quarantine limits are lifted, the pent up demand will continue to curb the limited supply for 2021 (as the  2020 suspended-trip folks have mostly rebooked already for next year) , and pricing will go up. So – we’re in a Plan Today, Travel Tomorrow window.
I thought we’d do a Quaran-Tour to Africa in this week’s newsletter.
FIrstly, I have a presentation with Micato Safaris this coming Tuesday. Make sure you register for Tuesday, October 20th at 5 pm est. Micato Registration
Secondly, I had a presentation with Natural Habitat this past Tuesday, and we talked about a host of trips – including Botswana and Rwanda.  Give that a watch. Natural Habitat
Thirdly, I had a presentation with African Travel and Shamwari Game Reserve in South Africa. And you can watch Live from Safari
Fourthly, I had a presentation with Big Five Tours where we talked about Morocco & Kenya – Watch here
So, watch the videos to get a taste. But I want to give you some other ideas to whet your appetite for Africa. So, for some further ideas, click the link to read more about:
Movies to watch
Books to Read
Language lessons
Virtual Views
Movies to watch:
Everyone has their favourite movies. A couple of my favourites are Lawrence of Arabia, Out of Africa, The African Queen, and Gorillas in the Mist – and The Lion King. And lately, I’ve watched My Octopus Teacher – which is, wow! Which movies are your favourites? Here are a couple of compilation lists to see some other movies. See
Books to Read:
You can escape to Africa by reading books. See these lists:
Get in the mood.
Virtual Views
Hope you enjoyed this Quaran-Tour.
Don’t forget to join me with Micato Safaris on Tuesday.