Solo Women Travelers on the Rise

Solo Woman Travelers 
MYTH – “It’s Unsafe for Women to Travel Alone”  
One of the biggest questions I get from my solo female travelers. “Is it safe for me to travel alone?”  And, yes – it is! With guidance and consideration.
The reality is that in some parts of the world, it is the case that it might be unsafe for women to travel alone. But – not on the active vacations that I recommend, or with the suppliers I recommend. (And if you’re not into active adventures, cruise lines, such as Crystal Cruises above, is absolutely fantastic for solo women travelers! Did you know they even have gentlemen ambassador hosts for single women to dance with onboard every sailing? And that’s in addition to having solo friendly rates.)
More and more Canadian women are discovering the freedom and fun of travelling on their own, whether it’s on an indepedent active holiday, or more popular, I must admit – one of the hundreds of small group excursions we offer.  You get to travel alone, but you’ll never be lonely.  I wish I had a nickel for every time I gave a travel presentation, and had a woman in the audience say to me, “I didn’t know I could do that.”
The stats came out loud and clear this summer:
  • 63% of over 100,000 bookings made by Intrepid Travel last year were made by women.
  • 54% of travelers considered affluent by a MMGY Global study are women.
  • 65% of clients booking adventure trips on are women.
  • 66% of US women polled by have vacationed without her partner.
  • 53% increase in demand is what Small Luxury Hotels noticed for single female bookings between 2011 and 2012.
We’ve entered the era of the female traveler.
Over the past few years women have tipped the scales and have become the majority of travelers in a number of categories. There are a few factors in play here. Just because women are booking more travel, don’t be tempted to think that it’s because they are holding the credit card for their partners. This increase is a reflection of a contingency of women traveling alone.
I’ve highlighted 3 travel trips with my partner Exodus that I’ve booked for single woman travelers this month. (And yes, Exodus has over 60% of their travelers being single woman travelers as well. It’s the new trend!)

Lycian Activity Week        
Kayak, canyon, walk & bike the beautiful Turquoise Coast
The endless coastline, canyons and rivers of southern
Turkey are the playground for adventures on land and sea.
On this trip there are days of canyoning, cycling, SCUBA diving and sea kayaking, plus visits to the impressive Saklikent Gorge and Patara National Park, with its Roman ruins and glorious beach.

There is also a free day to enjoy more of the local delights or, for the more adventurous, optional paragliding. The beautiful scenery and laid-back atmosphere in Kas make it a fantastic base for the week.
October 19th has been designated a solo departure, and has availability. (Other departure dates are available.)  Pricing starts at $1255 p.p.for the land portion.
Walking the Amalfi Coast        
Walk the stunning Amalfi Coast & Explore Ruins of Pompeii
The Amalfi Coast is one of the most dramatic and beautiful coastlines in Europe. Mountains rise steeply out of the Mediterranean far below and picturesque towns nestle neatly in isolated coves. While walking the Amalfi Coast we follow mule tracks and old paths through hillside villages, lemon groves and beautiful deep gorges, we descend from our rural base on the Agerola Plain to the towns with their narrow streets, whitewashed buildings and fascinating churches, monasteries and cathedrals. Away from the trails there is plenty of time to partake in the traditional Amalfi pastimes of sampling incredible food and wine, as well as enjoying the Mediterranean climate.

This walking holiday in Italy would not be complete without seeing the incredible Roman remains beneath the volcanic cone of Vesuvius. In 79AD the two Roman towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum were engulfed in volcanic ash and pumice when Vesuvius erupted, preserving the buildings and leaving a unique insight into the day-to-day life of the average Roman citizen. Saving the best till last, we complete our week with one of the world’s great walks, the ‘Walk of the Gods’.
There is availability on their October 31st date. Pricing starts at $1730 p.p.for the land portion.(Other dates are available.)
Trekking in New Zealand        
Explore incredible landscapes, predominantly on foot
New Zealand epitomizes contrasting scenery and culture and is an ideal country for adventure travel. 
Explore both islands as you weave your way through New Zealand on this active trip, visiting all the main highlights and many off-the-beaten-track attractions. Maximize your time in out of the way places and yet still marvel at the iconic destinations. Enjoy true wilderness campsites followed by comfortable lodges. Trek through Jurassic-like rainforest, hike along a glacier, climb up volcanic peaks and enjoy fish and chips on the beach. It’s this mix which makes New Zealand extraordinary – it’s majestic but down to earth, otherworldly yet reassuringly familiar. A range of activities from whitewater rafting to sea kayaking and glacier walking complement the hikes superbly and keep this tour as diverse and exciting as the landscapes traveled!
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