Travel Tips

I had a lot of positive reaction to the travel etiquette newsletter, so I thought I’d build on that.


As your trusted travel advisor, I’ve compiled 13 essential travel tips to enhance your holiday experience:


1. Ensure your passport is valid for at least 6 months beyond your next trip and has available pages. 


Don’t wait until you’re checking in for a flight to find there is an issue.


2. Consider all family and work commitments before planning your vacation.


Make sure you have considered birthdays, anniversaries, family holidays, school schedules, etc. – it’s expensive to change travel plans once made. Consider upfront.


3. Reflect on the memories you wish to create during your holiday.


I often ask my clients to think about the memories they want to bring home when we’re beginning the planning of a trip. It helps focus the mind and discussions to what is most important, and also ensures we have any dreams accounted for in the plan.


4. Collaborate with a travel advisor to customize your trip and secure exclusive perks.


I will work with you to customize a private trip, or matchmake you to the best small ship, river cruise, or expedition cruise partner. And, I generally can VIP you.


5. Arrive a day early to alleviate travel stress, particularly for cruises.


Give yourself time and space for delays and flight hiccups, as well as time for your body to adjust to any new time zones. Try to never arrange travel so you are landing and boarding a ship on the same day (unless your ship is overnighting in the first port).


6. Opt for carry-on luggage, pack essentials, and travel light.


The old adage, ‘pack half the clothes and twice the money’ remains true.  As long as you have any medication, a bathing suit, and a credit card; you can generally get by – or buy – anything you need.


7. Pack patience, maintain a positive attitude, and handle mishaps gracefully.


Things do sometimes go wrong with travel. There can be delays, weather hiccups, lost baggage, storms, etc. etc. Pack your patience. Have a smile on your face. And be polite and kind to anyone in the service industry who is trying to help you – another old adage kicks in here: ‘you will catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.’


8. Arrive early at the airport to navigate security and unforeseen delays comfortably.


Don’t be that person trying to butt in front of others in the security line because ‘my flight leaves in 20 minutes.’ Arrive with plenty of time. Account for delays. Give yourself time to have a bevvie and meal after you clear security and before you head to the gate.


9. Spread kindness onboard by treating the air crew. 


Spread sunshine – particularly to the air crew . A bag of M&Ms for the flight attendants is a nice touch. Watch this segment I did with Shepherds’ Fashions in January.


10. Respect others’ personal space, including reclining seats.


I’m a firm believer in seeking comfort – but – not if it impedes another’s comfort. Respect others when you travel. Exercise restraint when reclining seats on a plane. (I’d go so far as to say don’t do it, unless you’re on a red-eye flight, and the person behind you is sleeping too.)  If you recline your seat into another’s lap, may the person in front of you recline their seat into yours.


11. Carry onboard bags you can manage independently.


Carry on reduces worry and how much you bring on vacation, but only bring onboard bags you can handle yourself. Don’t rely on someone else to lift your bag into an overhead bin.


12. Adhere to the middle seat armrest etiquette.


Yes, this is a thing. If you’re in the cursed middle seat of a 3 person row, the middle seat “owns” both arm rests. (The person at the window can lean towards the window. The person on the aisle can lean towards the aisle.)


13. Wait for fellow passengers to deplane before retrieving your belongings.


Dude, you’re not going to get off the plane faster by jumping up and getting your bag. Wait for the person in front of you to deplane, and retrieve their bag. Then stand up and gather your things.


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Do you have a travel tip to share? Let me know!