Why River Cruising Part 4

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Day 20 of 30 #WhyRiverCruising

Lots of fun to be had onboard – Karaoke, anyone? Maybe some “Dancing Queen”?

Lots of other parties that differ by line – from a 70’s night to an all white night to a rock ‘n roll singalong, there’s always some fun onboard!

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Want a beautiful bathtub overlooking the river , with a separate and spacious double sinks bathroom, a bar and kitchen nook, large balcony, wonderful size bedroom and sitting area?

Yes, it is indeed possible on a river cruise.

Here’s my tour of the Royal Owner’s Suite on the @scenic.luxurycruisestours Amber last month.

Let me know if you’d like to try it out!

Day 22 #WhyRiverCruising

Did you know that you can visit exotic destinations (other than Europe) on a river cruise?

@amawaterways does the hashtag#chobe river in hashtag#africa with various add ons to Cape Town, Victoria Falls, Rwanda and beyond.

Imagine being on an intimate river cruise ship with only 32 passengers – and going to the Chobe River where all the animals are going to drink.

Want to do an African river cruise?

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Photos from AmaWaterways River Cruises Lush Life Travel

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Day 23 of 30 #WhyRiverCruising

Did you know that famous landmarks can be seen right from your river cruise cabin?

Here I am on the @amawaterways Magna ship cabin last month – sailing right past the Hungarian Parliament building in Budapest.

It’s a pretty sweet view from my suite, as I admire one of the world’s most iconic landmarks from the comfort of my river cruise ship.

That’s the benefit of river cruising – you’re sailing through the heart of a country, and get really close to where you want to be.


Day 24 of 30 #WhyRiverCruising

With river cruising, you have to be able to board the ship under your own steam, cross over another ship should you be double-docked, and do stairs (although only rarely are they as steep as this photo in Arles).

River cruising is not as accessible as ocean cruising.

Cabins are not set up for wheelchairs, with neither the door opening nor the showers wide enough for entry. There are no shower bar rails. And while many river cruise ships do have elevators, the elevators don’t go to all floors.

You also have to be able to evacuate yourself in case of emergency. (River cruise crew are not allowed to help you.)

Mind you, many river cruise ships do have walking sticks and canes onboard. So, if you have some light mobility issues, we can work together to discuss your needs, and discover whether this sort of trip will work for you.

Some river cruise lines will also offer slow-walkers, regular paced, and active excursions. So, we can work together to find a brand that works best for you.

But do remember – walking in Europe means you’re largely walking on cobblestones. Surfaces are uneven.

Make sure you disclose your needs and issues when you work with me as your advisor, and I’ll matchmake you to the best product for you.


Day 25 #WhyRiverCruising

Today is Global Recycling Day – so it seems to be worth talking about sustainability on river cruise ships.

My partners at @amawaterways work hard to reduce carbon emissions .

Sail with a conscience! River cruising offers a sustainable way to explore the world’s most beautiful destinations while minimizing your carbon footprint.

Sail sustainably and explore responsibly!


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Day 26 #WhyRiverCruising

Day 26 of 30 hashtag#WhyRiverCruising

It’s important to realize that most times, river cruises in Europe will tie up against another ship.

So when you’re in port, you can be on the outside or inside of another ship if you’re double-docked (or “rafted” ) against another ship.

This month, I was actually triple- docked a couple of times.

You have to cross over another ship and either go through their lobby (if the ship lobbies align), or climb up the stairs and go over the other ship (if the lobbies don’t align) to reach shore.

You are right next to the other ship when you are double-docked – which can mean you lose visibility from your balcony cabin.

The river cruise masters will decide docking, and there are port fees and dock location licenses that are involved. (And sometimes those who own a dock sell their position to another line.)

When you work with me as your travel advisor, I make sure you understand this. It’s one of the realities of river cruising, and it doesn’t impact your holiday if you know what to expect.