Why River Cruising – Part 5

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I’ve just finished up my 30 days on social media (facebook, instagram, or linked in), about why you should consider taking a river cruise.

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Today marks Day 27 #WhyRiverCruising , and I’ll be posting something new every day. #WhyRiverCruising


Day 27 of 30 #whyrivercruising

The locks are an important part of European river cruising.

Those in Ottawa know how they work, but for others, here’s an overview. (Video at instagram.)

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Day 28 of 30 #WhyRiverCruising

Yes, 2013 saw high water levels, but 1501 levels were even higher. Water levels impact commerce and trade significantly, with towns along the river marking the historic high water.



Some companies I collaborate with have strategies to navigate lower droughts and sail during low water times when others can’t. They engage in ship swaps to bypass problematic river areas and even offer bus tours when water levels become problematic.

Working closely with clients, I provide insights into potential issues based on 30-year averages for spring rain and summer heat. I also share my experiences on how companies adapt when challenges arise.

If you’re interested in discussing a river cruise, feel free to reach out.

Day 29 of 30 hashtag#WhyRiverCruising

Beer, pretzels, and sausage

Is there any better way to experience Germany and Austria?


Day 30 of 30 #WhyRiverCruising

Truffles, cheese, and wine await you on a Rhone river cruise through France.

Can there be any better combination?


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