River Cruise Corner – Colombia’s Magdalena River

Exciting news from my partners at AMA Waterways. They have their Colombia’s Magdalena River

now available for sale.


Beginning in March 2024, with pricing just under $5000/p for a lead in category,

based on double occupancy, AMA introduces it’s river cruise clients to Colombia.


I’ve been to Colombia with my daughter, and I can attest that it is a magical spot.

This addition to river cruising will be wonderful.


AMA is leading the way as the first major river cruise to explore Colombia along its

magnificent Magdalena River in 2024. Guests will enjoy exquisite
locally-sourced cuisine inspired by the Colombian Caribbean coast, explore
local history and traditions on a variety of included excursions and attend an exclusive
Carnaval experience in Barranquilla – just for AmaWaterways guests!



Immerse yourself in the wonders that this South American country
holds as you journey along the magnificent Magdalena River.
Step through the streets of Palenque, the first free city in Colombia,
moving to the rhythms of cumbia and vallenato, world-renown musical styles.
Delight in the colorful neighborhood of Getsemaní in Cartagena, drinking in
the vivid colors and culture displayed so artfully on the walls of homes,
cafes and family-owned shops. Discover how Spanish and pre-colonial
cultures combined to bring us the music, minds, and culture that
exist in the country today.
Let these breathtaking destinations inspire you as you embrace the soul
of this mesmerizing river and the heart-warming people who live alongside it.